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Test your skills and kick or throw footballs at the dart board for the highest score!  Availble in 5m (black) and 3m (blue) diameter sizes this is a perfect activity for fun days, fundraising and casual use. The package includes three loop (soft velcro side) footballs that stick to the hook (rough velcor size) dartboard face.


Size Guide:


Large - 5m diameter

Medium - 3m diameter


Price does not include delivery

Inflatable Football Darts

SKU: 364215375135191
    • Can be used for both inside & outside.
    • Board itself is hollow, making it easy to transport around

    • Once rolled out, the board itself inflates in 2 minutes

    • We recommend when setting up, unfold, inflate to get the positioning correct, deflate partially, secure with ground stakes, reinflate and secure with guide ropes

    • Item cannot be used outside in moderate to high winds


    Additional Items Required:

    Requires continuous fan for inflation - recommend purchasing a Gibbons 2.0HP Fan.

    Recommend purchasing 40cm galvanised heavy duty steel stakes and bungee climbing guide ropes to secure dartboard.

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